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Latest Scent Crush: Marc Jacobs Honey

Aaaaahhhh, honeysuckle! Honey! Orange Blossom! Woods! Pear! Some of my favorite notes all thrown together into one cute little yellow polka-dotted honey-bee bottle.

Even the yellow and black spotted carton is cute.

Created by perfumer Annie Buzantian from Firmenich, Honey (despite its name) is a crisp, and almost fizzy-fresh fruity-floral. 


The Notes

Top: Pear, Fruit Punch, Juicy Mandarin (an oriental citrus that’s similar to orange)

Heart: Orange Blossom, Peach Nectar, Honeysuckle

Base: Honey, Golden Vanilla, Smooth Woods

Honey Eau de Parfum smells like tart, fizzy fruit cocktail and then it morphs into soft, creamy white florals with a hint of peach and honey. This phase lasts most of the way and In the final drydown, it softens to a sweet, shower-clean skin-scent. Definitely more honeysuckle than honey. 


Despite the honey, vanilla and woods in the base, this does not have an oriental dry-down. In fact, something in the clean dry-down reminds me of another citrus Summer scent that came out recently, Shiseido Zen Sun, which I also enjoy. If you’re expecting something dessert-like, you’ll be disappointed.

I’d say it’s definitely very in line with most of Marc Jacobs’ scents. It’s not deep, dark and complex. It’s sunny, happy, girly and universally-likable. Great for days when you just need a pick-me-up, or if you’re looking for a starter scent and would like something light and wearable. If you like any of the Marc Jacobs Daisies or some of the sweeter or fruitier Splashes, then give this one a try. (I personally prefer it to Dot, but scent taste is very subjective, so give it a sniff!)

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Hi everyone! Before the new posts and look, I need you to help me a little bit! Please write your ideas, suggestions, critics on what should be improved on TDB (I will mention a few things that I’m already working on - search option, categories / tags so you can easily find everything you need and some other features) but I also need your comments about what do you think it’s important to have on the blog! If you have a few minutes, it would be really helpful to hear your thoughts! Thank you and have a great day! -ruby

How to make TDB even better?

I think an image slideshow on that big section in the middle would be good. ( It looks like you are attempting to do it the section below it, but it combined with search tag, it is big confused for me). It general looks good, not sure about what is inside the tag summit and sections, the color the fine, I like the yellow.

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Loreal Total repair night cream

Got one from Coles yesterday, which on 30% sale $25.16, but today I found Priceline is on 60% sale $14.40, the original price is $35.99. Big save of $21.6….

這個還蠻好用的,這裡的秋冬天特別干,我自己又不愛喝水,加上洗完臉後又不是馬上上moisturizer, 平常要抹上2,3 罐lotion還是會覺得干,可是塗過這個Night cream 之後發覺它一罐抵我3罐(A+B+C),超好用很潤,很滑,乾裂bye bye.開架產品最贊就是它了!


Pizza again tonight, prefer Ck and Seafood, it tasted much better than any other favors…


I think I am born to be sleep…. As well


This is how I felt today, hate to be a sandwich…


Top Ten Instant Noodles Of All Time 2013

Yumm… I want to try them all…


Groupon value deal,can’t wait…Korean BBQ day…


"if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough"

- Albert Einstein

"一個朱古力味嘅屎, 同一個屎味嘅朱古力, 點揀?"

- 衝上雲霄2-金句